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President's Letter

Dear Members and Friends,

As the year comes to a close you are probably facing some of the same questions I am, namely, where did the time go, why have I not achieved more, and what am I going to do next year if the same conditions prevail. more

Hints and Tips from the members of AmCham Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country famous for its rich cultural heritage. No surprise, therefore, that expats posted to this Central Asian republic often frequent the country's bazaars and antique shops to procure cultural souvenirs for their return home. Unfortunately, far too many of these foreign buyers are unaware of the heritage protection laws which complicate the export of items of cultural importance from Uzbekistan (such as carpets, paintings, religious artifacts…even CD's and DVD's). For this reason, it is not unusual for Customs officers to seize such articles when they lack the necessary Ministry of Culture export documentation. This is why it's important to contact a freight forwarder who is familiar with the procedures and regulations of exporting culturally sensitive items. more

AmCham Regional News - Kazakhstan

EFCA Recognized for Best Contribution to US-Kazakhstan Relations Central Asia, Kazakhstan

US Ambassador to Kazakhstan John Ordway recently presented Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA) with the Ambassador's Award for Best Contribution to US-Kazakhstan Relations on behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan. more

AmCham Regional News - Kyrgyzstan

Dear AmCham Members and Friends!

Since its establishment in 2005 AmCham in Kyrgyzstan fosters a favorable business environment and a positive investment climate though the provision of relevant and timely information and the effective advocacy of business interests. more

AmCham Monthly Meeting on September 27, 2007

Consultants of the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ms. Shmakova Natalya Nickolaevna and Ms. Alishaeva Rano Khamidovna  and UNDP Project Manager-Capacity building of institutions in Uzbekistan, and strengthening of foreign trade and investment promotion, Mr. Sharipov Bakhodir are  the honorary speakers at AmCham Monthly Meeting more

AmCham Events Business Mixer 24 August 2007

The long standing member of American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan Uzbek-American Joint Venture COSCOM has sponsored the August 2007 AmCham Business Mixer in Hotel Grand Mir. All guests were welcomed by the outgoing General Director of COSCOM, Mr. Abraham Smith. Mr. Smith has left Uzbekistan for Maldives where he will pursue his career in the telecommunications business.  The AmCham Business Mixer turned into a very warm farewell party for Abraham. All AmCham members present at the Business Mixer have taken an opportunity to exchange contact information and to wish Abraham all the best in his new life. more

AmCham Events Business Mixer 04 October 2007

On October 4 2007 the Director of Tashkent International School (TIS), Mr. Kevin Glass, has sponsored the American Chamber of Commerce Business Mixer in the main hall of TIS.  It was a truly remarkable event allowing AmCham members to acquaint themselves with the modern facilities of TIS and the range of programs offered to students of TIS. Being a wonderful host Mr. more

AmCham Events Monthly Meeting 25 October 2007

Remarks by His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States to Uzbekistan, Richard B. Norland

It is an honor to be here.  Even before arriving, I heard from former U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan Jon Purnell and Deputy Chief of Mission Brad Hanson that the relationship with AmCham is one that the Embassy prizes very highly, and after two opportunities to meet with the Board of Directors since my arrival on September 13, I can see why. more
Past Events - AmCham holds business seminars in Samarkand, Bukhara, 14-15 September 2007

The year 2007 for the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Uzbekistan has turned into the year of Good Governance Program promotion. The AmCham representative office has organized five seminars and works shops for different groups of business community in Uzbekistan. more

AmCham Events Business Mixer 26 October 2007

On October 26 Chairmen of two AmCham member companies Dr K.M.  Chaudhary from Classic International (long standing member and the founder of the newsletter committee 1997-2002) and Mr. Armend Lila from Van Luin Foods have sponsored AmCham Business Mixer in the Hotel Intercontinental. This Business Mixer has created truly welcoming and warm atmosphere for all guests. more

Tax and Customs News

The information contained in this publication is for general guidance only.  You should neither act, nor refrain from acting, on the basis of such information.  The application of laws and regulations will vary depending on particular circumstances and may also undergo frequent change.  You should take appropriate professional advice relating to your particular circumstances and the current status of the laws and regulations.  PricewaterhouseCoopers disclaim all responsibility, including in negligence, for all consequences of any person acting on, or refraining from acting in reliance on, information contained in this publication. more

Interview - Topic Arbitration Courts in Uzbekistan Alisher Shaykov, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan

1. What does adoption of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Courts of Arbitration” mean for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and for you personally? Could you brief us on the goals and objectives of the Law, its importance for the civil society and for the further expansion of multifarious activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan? more

Who are the Members of AMCHAM Uzbekistan - AVIALEASING Aviation Company

Avialeasing was the first private airline incorporated in Uzbekistan in 1992 as part of USbased SRX Group of companies.

Having launched its business as a small aviation company engaged in airport-to-airport air freight lift, Avialeasing has developed for 15 years into a company performing a wide range of transport services, including local freight consolidation, distribution, document processing,, brokerage service, insurance, warehousing and warehouse renting, i.e. door-to-door cargo delivery. more
Letter from the Executive Director

Dear AmCham mem- bers, all the extended AmCham community and friends!

It is coming like a very strange phenomenon to me. Am I saying Good-Bye to AmCham community and friends? Is it really happening to me? more
Tourism and Hospitality Committee

A tale of Arabian Nights in Modern Times.
Contributed by Nargiza Ogulchansky (SEAF), with the help of Donald Nicholson.

…I was sitting in the office without even thinking about the possibility to travel anywhere, when my boss (oh, I am very lucky to have such a boss) offered me the chance to join he and his wife on their trip to Dubai. It was so sudden, that I first thought it was impossible to do, mainly because my exit visa had expired and I knew that a new one takes considerable time. more
Feature Article - United States Chamber of Commerce U.S. - Central Asia Trade and Investment Framework Agreement meeting in Washington D. C.

On the 18th of July, AmCham Uzbekistan participated with the United States Chamber of Commerce U.S. - Central Asia Trade and Investment Framework Agreement held in Washington DC.  The event focused on transportation and energy infrastructure within Central Asia.  High officials in the area of trade and investment gave presentations from all five of the Central Asian states.   Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, E. Ganiev and the Uzbekistan Ambassador to the United States, A. Komilov, headed the Uzbekistan government representations for the meetings. more

Speech - His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Uzbekistan, Jean-Bernard Harth

Dear AmCham members, Mister Chairman, Madame the Executive Director, Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends

I would like to thank you for welcoming me at this honorable assembly.

I'd like first of all to say that if I didn't visit that much the AmCham so far, it is neither because the French Embassy wants to go it alone nor because in AmCham there is "American". I do not have this kind of problem: even if sometimes there are differences between Washington D.C. and Paris, between our governments, we are more than friends and allies, we are cousins, and we are in the same family. It is very true to say that what is gathering us is stronger than what is dividing us. This is the America that gave us the first "Bill of Rights". more
What is New in Legislation of Uzbekistan

Investment Priorities
Presidential Resolution “On Investment Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2008” (December 9, 2007 # PP-704) approves the limits of the 2008 capital investment to be allocated from the public budget and non-budget funds. The Resolution also approves: target programs of the 2008 investment projects which will involve resources of the Fund of Reconstruction and Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and foreign credits under the guarantee of the Government of the Republic, as well as the targeted list of the 2008 investment projects aimed at modernization, technical and technological reequipment. more

Business Connections #9/2007

Business Connections #9


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