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AmCham Executive Director Report

The calendar date, May 2007, is unrelentingly reminding us that the first decade of the 21 century very soon will be finished.  Therefore the first lessons of the economic development can be drawn. Countries around the world are continuing to shift from centrally-controlled economies to market-demand systems. This trend has brought to the forefront the need for the nations in transition to establish or modify basic commercial infrastructures.

Commercial institutions like business associations and chambers of commerce are undergoing rapid metamorphoses from governmental entities to private voluntary institutions. Significant benefits flow to society from actions of chambers of commerce in market-driven economies. For example, a chamber of commerce helping a private firm to establish a manufacturing operation in the chamber's geographical vicinity creates new job opportunities and generates more taxes for the local and national government. More sales often mean more jobs.

At the same time, active, interested and enthusiastic members are the foundations for the associations (chambers of commerce). For the last 7 years our membership base was balancing at a level of 80+ members companies. We in the AmCham office have always enjoyed the support of our members, were trying to give an additional impetus to members' initiatives, and promote the best business experience of member companies. Unfortunately the business environment has a very fragile texture. We have seen an out flow or closures of some of our companies in the past. But as our AnCham President has mentioned in his letter: “Economic activity seems to be picking up and if new vehicles are any indication, there is a definite upgrading in the cars we now see on the streets of Tashkent”.  

So let us look for new business partners, for new ideas in business development and for new AmCham members. With this regards I can only quote a special phrase from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “there is no such thing as over-planning a membership recruitment campaign”. I can assure all of you that we are looking forward to recruit members, and such members will have a heavy responsibility. The Board of Directors, AmCham office expects all members to lend their support not only financially, but personally by giving ideas, guidance and direction for our organization's development. Creating the strongest trade and investment climate possible on behalf of our members is what will motivate, energize and sustain our efforts.
 I strongly believe that that the loyalty and energy of all members of AmCham in Uzbekistan will make our Chamber of Commerce a 21st century association.

The Board of Directors of AmCham Uzbekistan and the AmCham office will continue to rely on your insight, expertise, active participation in AmCham events and strong support.

We are looking forward to work with you this year to provide the best services to our members.

 Tatiana Okunskaya,
AmCham Executive Director

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