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Business Connections #11/2008

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President's Letter

Dear Members and Friends,

                As we pause before the arrival of summer and the prospects of holidays and a year that is almost half over, we note a number of changes taking place. Economic activity seems to be picking up and if new vehicles are any indication, there is a definite upgrading in the cars we now see on the streets of Tashkent.
                It's also a time when people tend to leave and we were all saddened by the departure of Ambassador Purnell but we look forward to meeting his successor whom we hope will follow his example of near perfect attendance at our meetings and events.
                On the business front many of us are still affected by the delays in conversion and we hope this situation will soon be remedied. As we understand, Uzbekistan's trade results are highly positive with foreign exchange reserves at an all-time high, which should allow for conversion to return to normalcy.
                I wish each of you a great summer with the hope that your results for the first half are good and that you are encouraged by the prospects for the balance of the year.

Warmest regards,
Don Nicholson


Project Coordinator’s Letter

Dear Readers

We all welcome the arrival of good weather after a long, cold winter. Let's hope our business environment also will see positive changes and lift us from the recent doldrums and difficulties.

This is the second issue of Business Connections in its expanded format and we continue to present our regular features about recent changes in legislation, decrees and resolutions which affect our business community, tax and customs news, reports on past events, AmCham member profiles, feature articles, interviews, committee activities, and regional AmCham news.

We have added a new feature which will deal with various Business Sectors in response to reader requests. This first article outlines developments, investments and news related to the Natural Resources Sector (Oil and Gas). These news items and reports from our committees and members are intended to inform our community about key issues affecting our business environment and publicize our AmCham activities.
Our publication needs your inputs, suggestions and criticisms in order for it to properly reflect the interests of our AmCham community and to help mold the image AmCham wants to project to our friends, partners and host government

Best regards,
Charles Rudd

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