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President's Letter

Dear Members and Friends,
This is our fourth and lasl publication for the year so it gives mc great pleasure and satisfaction to express my thanks to all of you. members and staff who have worked on AmCham's behalf during 2006. All things considered il has been a constructive year. We have seen long-term members depart and wc have welcomed former members back. As a service organization we have worked hard to support and assist the commercial interests of our membership and the private sector in general. We continue lo engage and collaborate with the Government of Uzbekistan and wc strongly endorse the reform programs in such areas as taxes, banking, privatization and free trade. more

AmCham Regional News

Attracting Investors
On August 15, 2006, a regular meeting of the Club of the National Association of Investment Institutions was held in the capital, in cooperation with the Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Participants of the Club discussed involvement of international investors in the securities and real estate markets of our country. more
Past Events - Tenth Anniversary Celebration

On September 15th, 2006 AmCham celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting a gala celebration party at the pool garden of the Dedeman Hotel. More than one hundred and fifty AmCham members and friends participated in a lively evening that featured speeches, awards and a vast array of gourmet treats. more

Business Mixer 21 July 2006 Sponsored by
Case New Holland

The July Business Mixer was sponsored by AmCham member. Case New Holland, and the venue chosen was the restaurant "Sinbad" located on the Anhor canal near Hotel Expo. more

Monthly Meeting 18 July 2006 -
World Bank/IFC presentation

AmCham's Monthly Meeting on July 18th included two presentations. The first was a personal macro economic overview by out­going World Bank Representative Martin Raiser, who presented an encouraging picture of the Uzbek economy with GDP growth running at close to 8%, export values on the rise, foreign exchange reserves at a recent high, and new investment commitments from Russia, China and Korea. more

Past Events - Monthly Meeting 14 September 2006 - Speaker V.A. Chipiga, State Customs Committee of RUz

Mr V.A.Chipiga, Chief of Ihe Legal Department of the Stale Customs Committee of RUz, was the guest speaker for the monthly meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce.

The  topic  of Mr Chipiga's detailed talk was the draft of the Tax Code of RUz, and the work being carried out on the paper. It was mentioned that, compared to the current Code, the new one would regulate the system of the customs relations in a more comprehensive way. The draft Code sets forth all the rules,   privileges,   rights   and obligations both  for the  foreign economic  activity participants and customs bodies; the paper will comply not only with the international law-standards but with the customs codes of the EuroAsEC member countries. At present, many of these relations arc being regulated by the set of resolutions of the government, and by the departmental normative documents registered with the Ministry of Justice. more
Profile AmCham Director - Saidrasul Bakiev

Saidrasul Bakiev was born on July 22, 1974. In 1992-1993 he studied in US majoring in business administration during the fall semester of 1992 and in political science during the spring semester of 1993. After returning from US, and while continuing his studies at the Tashkent State Economics University (TSEU), he joined the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank. more

Who are the Members of AmCham?

Ernst & Young is a dynamic organization of professionals driven by a single vision: to be the trusted business advisor to companies facing a major business decision, issue or opportunity. more

Past AmCham Events - Monthly Meeting 24 August 2006

Mr. Donald Nicholson, President AMCHAM,
Dr. Tatiana Okunskaya, Executive Director,
Distinguished Members ofAMCHAM,
Distinguished Invitees,

1. Allow me at the outset to express my profound thanks for your invitation to address this important forum. I consider it a great honour to share some of my thoughts with you on Pakistan's trade and economic relations with the Republic of Uzbekistan. My presentation is based on official facts and figures. I will gladly answer any questions that you may wish to ask mc at the end of my talk. more

Feature Article - Microfinance in Uzbekistan

Some time ago Charles Rudd asked me to write an article on "Microfinance in Uzbekistan" for the next issue of Business Connections. Excellent, I said, in all of the 18 months I have spent in Uzbekistan the establishment of the Microfinance Bank was the most important issue for me. more

Feature Article - AIG Political Risks

Political Risk Insurance (PRI) provides a financial solution to illegal or unwarranted government intervention. Buyers of PRI include Contractors, Commodity Traders, Corporate Investors and Banks (financing contracts, projects or assets) operating in emerging markets. The product can be divided into two broad categories - coverage for Trade Risk and coverage for Investment Risk. more

What is New in the Legislation of Uzbekistan?

Acts of Legislation
By the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Eloyr Majidovich Ganiev is appointed to the post of the Minister for Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Previously he was holding the rank of the Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Chief of the CB Complex for Foreign Economic Relations; more

AmCham News - Tourism and Hospitality Committee

While being the crossroads of times and roads, Uzbekistan is the most historically fIn September 2006 there has been put into operation one more special fast train «Shark» running between Tashkent and Bukhara. The train has economy and business class passenger cars. Economy class cars have comfortable chairs similar to those used in airliners. Business class cars have comfortable six-person compartments. There is also a VIP compartment in this new train. All its cars are equipped with computer, video, and air conditioning systems. The train has made it possible to considerably cut down the time of the journey (up to 8 hours). more

Business Connections #5/2006

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