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April 25-26, 2008

Recommendations from the participants Conference “Development of Trade, Transport and Transit in the KR: Opportunities and Challenges” to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

On April 25-26, AmCham held a conference on the “Development of Trade, Transport and Transit in the KR”, with representatives of State agencies and private sector. After going through constructive discussions, participants of the conference suggested their recommendations and action plan on developing Trade, Transport and Transit in the Kyrgyz Republic:
1)  To develop the strategy of Transportation Development in the KR and create a working group from representatives of business-associations and state agencies.  
2)  To finalize a decision on an acceptable model of a single window for Kyrgyzstan and develop a financial plan to introduce the model. 
3)  In order to eliminate illegal and unsanctioned fees, to monitor transport corridors with the representatives of all controlling bodies (Ministry of Transport, State Customs Committee, Border Guard Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Auto Inspection) and discuss the results, with the participation of business  communities and to develop measures for the elimination of such fees.  
4)  To lobby China as a member of the WTO, the question of lifting restrictions to access of Kyrgyz vehicles into Chinese territory and obtaining a visas at the border, not only for drivers, but also for freight accompanying entities and expeditors.  
5)  To unify the legal base on automobile transit and harmonize rates on transit duties and fees with auto transporting means in Central Asian Countries. 
6)  To reduce the transport tariff and access of small and medium sized business representatives to the system of customs transit guarantee and to introduce an alternative to the TIR convention system.  
7)  In accordance with section XIII of the Customs Code of the KR, to recommend that the State Customs Committee (SCC) of the KR to provide consultations to participants of the External Economic Activity (EEA) at the international BCPs (border crossing points).    
8)  Pursuant to the decree of the President of Kyrgyz Republic # 464, to simplify trade procedures to introduce a pilot project with the support of donors on the principle of "one-stop" at one of the crossing points "Ak-Tilek". To encourage entrepreneurship to establish in good faith honest participation in EEA passage of goods through the "green" corridors across the border. To attract the participation of interested Business Associations and the Advisory Council under the SCC of the KR to participate in the project. 
9)  To abolish the need for a customs escort from “AK-JOL” BCP for transport facilities under TIR CARNET, in compliance with the TIR Convention to which KR is a signatory.
10)  In order to create a competitive environment with foreign operators of transport services, Government of the Kyrgyz Republic should create the following conditions: to initiate legislation on leasing in purchased vehicles by national operators; decrease the VAT on purchasing competitive, state of the art vehicles.      
11)  To increase the competitiveness of agricultural products in export markets, to accelerate the accession of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Agreement on International Transportation of perishable food products and on special vehicles designed for such transportation. 
12)  To start the work of the National Council under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to promote trade and transport. To make it an effective place for dialogue between the government and business community through the use of open and democratic mechanisms of decision making; and also the establishment of committees and expert groups on the problems and sectors of the trade and transport industry.  
13)  To conduct the work of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Transport and Communications, State Customs Committee, State Auto Inspection more transparent and to promote relations with the business community through discussion of the problems on Advisory Expert Boards under these state agencies identified through hotlines (trust numbers and consultations).  
14)  To intensify the informative activity of the above-mentioned state agencies for greater awareness in the business communities about the trade regime and transport-transit problems of the Central Asian Countries, and the rights of entrepreneurs through mass media outlets and PR campaigning.


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