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Business Management Game for Bishkek students

2-5 June 2008

From 2 June to 5 June 2008, AUCA Business Administration Program has organized a Business management game for the second year running. The game is presented in collaboration with Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands. KPMG is the sole sponsor of this event and have made it possible to bring professors Roel Kalkwijk and Piet Post to Kyrgyzstan to conduct this game for students in Bishkek. This was a unique opportunity for students to get practical business experience.
During the intensive four-day simulation, student participants have managed real businesses through six business cycle periods that would in reality occur over a six-month span.  Acting as members of a senior management board of a commercial firm, students had to develop and implement marketing and business development strategies to let their companies effectively function in their respective market.
The organizers (Professors Robert Anderson and Roel Kalkwijk) believe this course effectively integrates the concepts of accounting, marketing, finance, human resource management, manufacturing, resource planning, international activity as well as creative thinking in a simulated business environment.
Both AUCA and KPMG are longstanding members of AmCham in the Kyrgyz Republic.





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