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U.S. Chamber's Intellectual Property initiative

In Europe U.S. Chamber is engaged in several broad areas:

    • building a 'virtual network' of businesses, think tanks, and academia who can leverage a common pro-Intellectual Property (hereafter to be known as 'IP') message with EU governments, political parties, international organizations, the media and in developing markets.


    • generating a discussion on emerging IP issues. In this regard, U.S. Chamber wants to draw your attention to a new blog that was created on the Euractiv website 'blogactiv' ( Feel free to comment on what is written, the idea is to get people talking.  The direct link to the blog is

    • leading an effort to combat the erosion of IP rights (the so-called 'next generation' IP issues). A number of development NGOs and several developing economies are trying to create a movement which undermines the patent system as a means for companies to innovate and create new products that can bring solutions to society.  At this time, there are 3 main areas of concern: 1) medical technologies particularly in the World Health Organization; 2) environmental and energy saving technologies within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change discussions; and 3) agriculture products such as seeds which are 'climate ready' and formulated to withstand intense heat and droughts.

    • launching a Transatlantic IP Collaboration Coalition which will study the US and EU policy approaches to enforcement, education and consumer awareness and offer suggestions for future cooperation.  There will be a joint roundtable in Brussels for SMEs on June 16th and the U.S. Chamber will host, in February 2009, a conference where the results of the study will be released. U.S. Chamber also part of the TEC and TABD IP processes.

    • continuing their enforcement and education efforts in Russia which is centered on supporting their WTO accession and creating a bilateral dialogue.





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