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Executive Director's Note

Dear AmCham Members and Friends,

April and June 2008 turned out to be hard-driving. Our April Trade Conference devoted to Trade, Transport and Transit in Kyrgyzstan has elaborated recommendations and an action plan. The recommendations include legislative, institutional and informative measures to the Government while the action plan would be used as an advocacy agenda of the business community. Together with our partner business associations such as  the Associations of Carriers and Forwarders as well as of Customs Brokers, we plan to bring the above documents to the table of the Trade Facilitation and Transport National Council under the Prime Minisiter’s office.        
On June 5, 2008 AmCham had its General Annual Meeting. Our ongoing activity, the election of two additional Board members as well as the announcement of the winning-company of the AmCham’s best slogan were the key issues of the meeting. AmCham slogan is being posted on the cover page of this issue.    
On June 17 I went to Dushanbe to participate in the 2008 U.S.-Central Asia Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) Council Meeting on “Expanding Private Sector Participation in Central Asian Trade Facilitation and Transportation Infrastructure Development”. The meeting brought together U.S. and Central Asian state officials as well as regional AmChams and businesses.  During the event I shared our experience with the participants in removing trade barriers in the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition, the trip was significant from another perspective as it offered a wonderful opportunity to discuss possible joint projects with Central Asian AmChams.       
            Finally, I am pleased to announce that we are launching a new project “AmCham Business News” aimed at advertising your business through our global network. Now both our members and non-members can regularly use this great possibility in promoting your work! 


Ainura Cholponkulova
Executive Director

Discovery AmCham Kyrgyz Republic #3/2008


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