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Monthly Meeting on April 24, 2008

On April 24, 2008 AmCham in Uzbekistan held April Monthly Meeting at the Hotel InterContinental. Honorable speaker for the event was Consul of the Embassy of the United States of America to Uzbekistan Rafael Perez. 

After AmCham President Mr. Donald Nicholson II made opening remarks His Excellency Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of the United States of America introduced the team of the embassy to AmCham community. 

Mr. Consul and Vice-Consul made general overview of consular services, told about recent changes in the procedure of the registration to interview and other requirements. The presentation outlined AmCham/US Embassy visa referral program) for AmCham business travelers.
 To remind AmCham member companies seeking a visa referral should present the following documentation to AmCham office:

1. A letter to AmCham requesting a visa referral. This should clearly state the purpose of the business visit; the exact position in the company of person/ persons intending to make a visit, their legal names and passport data, and the timeframe of the visit; and the place of the visit from itself, this must be clearly explained. If the business partner is paying for any expenses this also needs to be stated.
2. A copy of an invitation letter from a partner company in the USA
3. A copy of a contract, if available
4. Copies of passports

 After the reviewing these documents, the executive director will prepare a visa referral letter    to be attached to those documents for AmCham file and to be faxed to the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy. Once the Consular Section has received the referral from the AmCham office, it will provide the date and time of the visa appointment to the AmCham office. After this, all correspondence regarding visa appointment should be directed to the Consular section. 
U.S. Embassy Visa Procedures.

Application forms and other visa requirements are available under the “ Non-Immigrant Visa” tab. While no supporting documentation is required for the visa application, the Consular Section strongly recommends that Amcham members bring whatever supporting documentation they deem necessary regarding their business trip.

Business Connections #11/2008

Business Connections #11

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