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AmCham Monthly Meeting on March 27, 2008

AmCham Hosts Chairman of Agro Industrial Exchange


On March 27th, 2008 participants at the AmCham monthly meeting had the opportunity to meet and hear a presentation by Timur Valitov, Chairman of the Republican Universal Agro Industrial Exchange.
It was an interesting and informative presentation in that the Agro Industrial Exchange is one of four exchanges or “birjas” in Uzbekistan, and is the only one that is entirely private.
Mr. Valitov gave a detailed presentation with a number of slides. Of particular interest were the ways in which local and foreign companies could use the exchange for their commercial dealings taking advantage of the further benefit that the exchange can facilitate foreign exchange.
A number of AmCham members asked specific questions on the workings of the exchange with either Mr. Valitov or the other representatives of the exchange joining in the responses.
Members are encouraged to contact Mr. Valitov for further information and the AmCham office will be glad to assist in arranging for individual meetings.

Business Connections #11/2008

Business Connections #11

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