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Membership Committee

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
As the Chairman of the newly established Membership Committee it gives me a great pleasure to report on the action plan and first achievements of our Committee’s activity.

AmCham directs its efforts to reinforce and straighten membership from inside and extend the amount of its members by facilitating the services proposed. Amcham Membership Committee was created to accomplish this task and to drive AmCham’s growth to ensure 2X growth. Thus mission of this committee is to increase AmCham corporate membership to 120 members by the end of 2008 and to 300-350 corporate members within next 4 years.
Due to consolidated work of the Membership Committee with our Board of Directors and AmCham Executive Director, we had 12 new members in the first quarter of the year 2008 that is 18% increase in the number of AmCham members.

AmCham is open to all organizations and individuals who agree to abide by the Mission and Rules of the American Chamber of Commerce. We are always trying to develop new membership services/benefits to target preferred potential members. In to do this, we need your input and participation. If you know any organization or person which could become AmCham member, we encourage you to inform us.

The purpose of the recent questionnaire prepared by Membership Committee was to supplement the information about how AmCham is supposed to work with assessments by members of how AmCham actually work. Your feedback is important in order to develop new services and maintain an effective forum for networking.

Membership Committee is trying to enhance awareness of members on committees’ activities. Committees made up of representatives from our member companies provide comment, discussion and submission of positions on areas including but not limited to: Tax and Accounting; Trade and Investment; Tourism and Hospitality; Small Businesses; and Good Governance Program. 

The committees represent the united interests of the business community in Uzbekistan by identifying challenges faced by investors and proactively addressing them. Each group meets regularly, providing a forum for networking and the exchange of information.

At the present time we are deploying AmCham website. The AmCham website should be the primary place for members and prospective members and general public where one can find out about current and past information about AmCham activities.

Finally we are strongly interested in facilitation of the regional cooperation with AmChams in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan. In the era of globalization it is important for each business to work on international market. We put all our efforts to advertising and promoting the business of our member- companies to the AmCham international network. It was decided that Amcham will be actively involved in regional cooperation. Thus we will participate in the Central Asia Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) annual TIFA Council meeting that will take place in Dushanbe this June.

Oybek Khalilov
Vice-President, AmCham Uzbekistan, UZ-AIG

Business Connections #11/2008

Business Connections #11

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