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President's Letter

February 2008
Dear Members and Friends,
The New Year is off and running and most of us are faced with a long list of issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible.  AmCham is also in a hurry, in that we have a growing agenda of things that you as members expect AmCham to deal with.  These range from tax changes, delays in obtaining currency conversion, access to cash on a timely basis, customs procedures, and a host of other matters that impact specific sectors such as tourism and those engaged in MICE  related activities (see the article for an explanation of the acronym).
As your newly reelected president I have decided that this is the year for AmCham to be more proactive in several ways. First and foremost is with you as members, reaching out to assist each of you in specific ways that pertain to your commercial/business needs; second is with governmental authorities and agencies, where we need to increase the level of dialog and exchange in order to assure that AmCham's messages are being received and heard. In the past AmCham was noted for its regular publication of “white papers” that focused on particular economic and/or commercial topics.  This year, and as part of our new activism, it may be timely to reinstitute the publishing of select papers in a similar format.
In closing let me once again reiterate our commitment to you as members and our stated purpose of working constructively in the best interests of our collective membership and the continuing growth and development of Uzbekistan.

Best regards, Don Nicholson

Dear Readers
2008 has arrived and we welcome the year of the "Rat" which according to Chinese tradition is a year of prosperity. We also welcome the newly elected AmCham Board of Directors. We look forward to working with a freshly energized AmCham management team who will lead us this year.
Organizational "depression" is a treatable disorder which like in human depression is characterized by symptoms such as apathy, indifference, and non-participation. Indifference and apathy have the same consequence, non-activity. To reduce apathy we must attack the feeling of powerlessness. We in AmCham have the unique opportunity in 2008 to welcome a new, dynamic, creative and innovative leadership structure which encourages increased membership participation in programs that will help us improve the investment and general business environments. AmCham must not forget that one of its missions is being a creative association interpreting and explaining business reality in order to help society change the business environment. We should not become a supporter of any apologetic dogma intent upon justifying the status quo.
Committees need active members who enthusiastically get involved and participate.  Committee members have the right to choose their leaders and if a committee is inactive or ineffective it means there are no members participating and the "committee" doesn't function properly. Please resolve to become an active member of a working committee in 2008.
Our magazine also needs your active participation. Please contribute your time, energy and ideas and help us improve the content and usefulness of this publication.

Charles Rudd


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